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HR & Payroll Software for Organisations of India

Gibbous is a Comprehensive HR Information System. A multi-faceted approach towards the entire HR process from the period of waning moon to waxing moon makes its name called "Gibbous". A virtual HR assistant, to simplify complications. This feature-rich HRMS will make the tasks flow smoother with great accuracy and makes Gibbous a stand alone product. Simple, yet Effective.

Gibbous goes hand in hand with HRs by easing employee management, ESS portal, attendance management, payroll processing with just a few clicks in a matter of seconds. Make tedious HR processes quick and simple. Just like eating a piece of fresh cream cake, with Gibbous it's never an ache. Gibbous, with its highly secured data servers aids you retrieve your data anytime, anywhere.

Supported Platform(s)

Web, Android and iOS - Beta

Invoice & Billing App for Business Owners

Attlas helps in creating an invoice, managing bills, receipts, tracking payments, managing debit credit accounts, stock/inventory in everyday routine for shopkeepers, shop owners, small & medium businesses.

Our goal in building or designing Attlas was to provide business owners a better platform to handle time and as well as manage their billing with less effort. This app has every utility needed to reduce the time taken for them to create or follow up on invoice for their customers. In simple words, we can say that Attlas automates a lot of accounting so they can spend more time focusing on their work and core business. Not only the Owner but also the team or employees can create invoice and track their expenses, stocks, payments etc.,.

Initial Release Date: 20th Jan 2020

Supported Platform(s)

Android, Web and iOS (Beta)

Simple Legal Practice Management App for Indian Lawyers

Lawyapp is a cloud-based legal practice management platform which helps Indian Legal Professionals to work online, collaborate with associates and organise work more efficiently with ease. Lawyapp is a feature rich product and specifically designed with high level security features.

Our goal in designing Lawyapp was to provide a better platform for lawyers with hassle free and flexibility to access their clients and case information from anywhere at anytime. They can manage their client lists, track cases along with a calendar to view upcoming cases and cause-list will be delivered to their mobile and email in an automated way.

Initial Release Date: 8th Feb 2017

Supported Platform(s)

Web, Android

Stickynote Apps

Designed for Insurance Workforce

Stickynote Apps, specially and precisely designed for the Insurance work force of India. Stickynote was designed to simplify the workload of Insurance work force with the ability to provide service to their clients in both online and offline from anywhere.

This app packs with incredible features which helps them to be more productive and much focused on their businesses. The app is carefully crafted in consideration of the user's pain points.

Initial Release Date: 17th April 2015

Supported Platform(s)


Clinical, Laboratory & Hospital Management App

Imppulse is a versatile management solution for Clinics & Hospitals, exclusively tailored for the organization's needs. It basically solves problems in Patient Appointment scheduling, billing, consultation formats, EMR, prescriptions management, investigation orders management and so on.

With Imppulse, Clinics & Hospitals can manage health records with ease, patient's recognition and reconciliation made better with the professional Health records they handle. Practice made healthier with Imppulse.

Initial Release Date: TBD

Supported Platform(s)

Web, Android and iOS - Beta

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